• Simple and Convenient Home Testing

    Sampling process just like wiping a tissue, it is hygienic, fast, and has a very high success rate.

  • Next-Generation Sequencing Technology

    Bringing you faster, more comprehensive, and more affordable sequencing technology.

  • Scientific Research & A.I. Recommendations

    The recommendations are derived from the artificial intelligence created by GUTolution and microbiome experts.

  • Personal Coaching Experience

    Like a GPS, it only provides guidance and does not force you to purchase any products or follow all recommendations; you can choose what you think is right.

GUTolution Tech

In amplicon sequencing, regions within the 16S or 18S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) gene are amplified and sequenced. Bacteria have the 16S rRNA gene while eukaryotes and fungi have the 18S rRNA gene.

Whole genome sequencing allows the detection of all genomic components within a biological sample, adding an additional level of clarity to taxonomic classification
down to the species and strain levels and annotation of potential metabolic processes.
This method effectively identifies and profiles bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites simultaneously and enables microbial gene profiling that facilitates microbiome functional studies level of clarity to sequencing -- down to the individual species level.

Get Microbiome Testing Package

This is an innovative testing service designed to help you understand the health of your gut. The package includes a simple gut sample collection tool and a detailed testing report which will show your gut microbiome composition and related health information.

The testing principle is that we will analyze your gut sample, identify and count different types of microorganisms in the sample. We will use advanced sequencing technology and analysis tools to help you understand your gut microbiome composition, which will provide you with important information about your health and lifestyle. The potential benefits of this testing package include:

1. Personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to help you improve gut health and prevent chronic diseases

2. Help you understand potential health risks and take early measures to prevent them

3. Provide important data and support for academic research, promoting scientific progress and development.

Book your gut microbiome testing now to better understand your gut health and receive personalized health recommendations every day. Let your life be healthier and more energetic!